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Monday, May 08, 2006

Welcome to my Web Site Updates Menu, I've been busy working on My Wife's Mom's house trying to get it sold, and working at my job, also running My Wife's Mom to the doctors'. I've lost contact with Dez my friend who was going to host my website on his domain, so that fell through. I will get my very own domain here soon after I get My Wife's Mom's house done, and on the market, also sold, and out of the way. I also don't want to pay for this site membership to upgrade so i can use the ftp feature, I'm also running out of room on here that's why i haven't updated my website in a while, just haven't had time. I'll get a domain or my own sooner or later. I'll try to keep you posted. Peace -Cased

Ellie & Matt

Ellie is My Wife!

I Love You Ellie! :))~

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